House Church


We believe in returning to authentic Christian worship the way it was done in the early Biblical churches. If you are interested in learning more about four specific points of departure from how modern churches are run, please see these four doctrines below.

Why House Church?

Church buildings and “going to church” are modern-day ways of getting together to worship.

New Testament Christians met in each other’s homes.

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Identifying everyone’s unique gift.

Every member of the Christian Church forms part of the “body of Christ”. As each organ in the body has its own unique purpose, so does every member of the congregation. In order to maximise the contribution of each member, elders should help them identify and use their gifts.

Is the “Lake of fire” speaking of Hell?

Would a loving God be prepared to torment unbelievers for eternity? The concept of burning forever in hell is a
belief that we accept as biblical. But what if I told you that the bible never mentions such a belief, NEVER, not
even once.

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How was the early Church organised? Were there different levels of leadership?

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